Victor Cozmei awarded for reporting on justice

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The Head of KAS Media Program South East Europe, Christian Spahr, has granted the Award "The Young Journalist of the Year" (TJA) to the journalist Victor Cozmei from during a gala on 26 November in Bucharest.

Cover: Victor Cozmei awarded for reporting on justice

    The TJA contest is organised by Freedom House Romania and supported by KAS. Cozmei has been awarded in the category "Justice and Rule of Law" for his article "Romania, the Heaven of criminally convicted lawyers" ("România, raiul avocaților condamnați penal"). It tackles the tolerance for corruption in the legal system – many lawyers sentenced for corruption continue to practice their profession in Romanian courts. Cozmei made an in-depth research on this issue and interviewed all parties involved. The jury highly appreciated his extraordinary personal involvement and the scope of his journalistic research on corruption files, resulting in one of the most important anticorruption database called "Dosare de coruptie".

    Nominees in the category "Justice and Rule of Law" were also Lilia Zaharia from the Moldovan Independent Press Association, Attila Biro from and Ovidiu Vanghele, the founder of the Centre for Media Investigations. "Skilled and motivated journalists are needed and it is possible to uncover many topics which are still remaining in the dark. It’s about making the good examples more popular. All panellists presented excellent pieces of work, and the final decision was not easy," said Christian Spahr during the award ceremony in Bucharest. The jury was composed by Romanian journalists and anti-corruption experts.

    The category "Justice and Rule of Law" is one of four categories of the contest "The Young Journalist of the Year" (TJA). This section is supported by the KAS Media Program South East Europe in order to strengthen the role of professional quality journalism for Romania’s young democracy. The TJA contest is held annually since 1998. The four thematic sections are "Justice and Rule of Law", "News and Current Affairs", "Economy, Finance and Banking" and "Environment and Ecology". Additional supporters from the business sector are the companies E.ON, UniCredit Tiriac Bank and ECO-ROM. The prize is awarded to young Romanian journalists who make a special contribution to the quality of journalism in their country. The winners of each category receive a prize of 1,000 euros.

    The winner of the section "Environment and Ecology" is Andreea Pavel from Info Sud-Est, Constanța. She submitted the article "Recklessness and hypocrisy! The Romanian state no longer supervises the sterile pools from Baia, where the copper extracted from Altân Tepe was processed." Roxana Pricop from Ziarul Financiar was awarded in the section "Economy, Finance and Banking" for an investigative research on new restitution law concerning Romania’s forests. Anca Simina from Gâ won the section "Current Affairs" with the article "The real estate Heaven of RA-APPS. What the Prime Minister did not see: Gândul found 28 errors on Ponta’s list."

    More information on the Website of Freedom House Romania


    Manuela Zlateva


    Bulgaria, November 26, 2014