New South East European edition of the Investigative Journalism Manual

Also available in Deutsch

The KAS Media Program South East Europe publishes Investigative Journalism Manual with case studies from the Balkans

The goal of the publication is to illustrate the most important facts about investigative journalism. Journalists will have a better understanding about the specifics of investigative journalism, e.g. what is needed to find a reliable source, how to protect their research and data as well as how to ask the right questions.

Investigative journalists in transition countries often operate in extremely difficult environments. The manual is intended to help reporters facing challenges like fragmented media landscapes, the culture of non-transparency and limited resources. This new edition, published by the KAS Media Program South East Europe, presents case studies from investigative reporters from South East Europe. In this version you get an overview on the situation of investigative journalism in the Balkans, a deeper look into the work of the Panama Papers and examples from Serbia and Macedonia. The case studies were written by the successful and award-winning investigative journalists Miranda Patrucić (OCCRP), Branko Čečen (CINS) and Ana Petrusheva (BIRN Macedonia). The Investigative Journalism Manual is available for download here.

In 2010, the first edition of the Investigative Journalism Manual was published by the KAS Media Program Sub-Sahara Africa. The online version of this publication was accessed by some 30,000 visitors annually. Due to that interest in 2016, the Media Program Asia revised all the chapters with content useable worldwide. The Manual now combines the know-how of all Media Programs of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The second edition was so far published in English, Mongolian, Indonesian and Nepali. More case studies, exercises and readings you can find on this website, which is continuously updated.


Darija Fabijanić


Bulgaria, August 21, 2018