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Future partnerships for SEECOM on international level

On 7 October 2016 the members of the South East Europe Public Sector Communication Association (SEECOM) met for their General Assembly in Brussels after this year’s SEECOM conference. The KAS Media Program South East Europe is co-founder of the biggest government communication conference with origins in South East Europe and of the association of the same name. This year SEECOM strengthened its partnerships with EU bodies as well as European governments and NGOs. more…

Dobrina Trifonova | Event Reports | October 7, 2016

Spokespersons from Balkan countries reinforce their EU network

Political communication experts meet with EU colleagues and partners at the 5th SEECOM conference in Brussels. more…

Manuela Zlateva | Event Reports | October 7, 2016

How can journalists exercise their right to information?

KAS Media Program and "n-ost" organise for the second time a "Legal Leaks" seminar in South East Europe - this time in Tirana more…

Dobrina Trifonova | Event Reports | September 24, 2016

Media as stakeholders in fight against corruption

Conclusions of KAS event in Tirana

The findings of a survey on media as stakeholder in the fight against corruption, conducted by Prof. Mark Marku and Dr. Blendi Ceka from the University of Tirana, have been presented at a KAS event in the Albanian capital. more…

Event Reports | September 22, 2016

More diversity through alternative media projects

Panel discussion on alternative journalism models

The "Article 10 ECHR Task Force", named after the European Convention on Human Rights, is dealing with media freedom and media legislation in South East Europe. At the invitation of the KAS Media Program, the experts from ten countries met and debated about perspectives for alternative media projects in the region. The workshop took place 14th to 16th of September in Sofia. more…

Manuela Zlateva | Event Reports | September 15, 2016