EU-Asia Dialogue

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EU-Asia Dialogue

The “EU-Asia Dialogue”-project of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and European Union aims to enhance exchange and understanding between policy-makers, non-governmental organizations and researchers from Europe and Asia. The stakeholders shall be provided with a platform to discuss regional and cross-regional developments in order to identify both short- and long-term challenges, to prevent their emergence and solve them at an early stage. Such informal exchange of knowledge and expertise at policy and research level will help the relevant stakeholders to tackle these challenges and increase the relevance of the policies formulated in the two regions to address them. It will also enhance bi-regional cooperation across sectors and disciplines.

The project addresses issues from seven different topics:

  1. Climate Change Diplomacy
  2. Eco-Cities
  3. Migration / Integration
  4. Social Cohesion
  5. Human Trafficking
  6. Maritime Piracy and Security
  7. Food Security

All activities are implemented by a consortium consisting of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Singapore, East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore, European Policy Centre in Brussels and European Union Centre in Singapore. Besides conferences and policy dialogues in various places in Europe and Asia, the project will produce research papers and book publications. Together with the conference reports, these will be made available online free of charge on the project website.

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