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Jobs for Peace and Resilience in the Framework of F2F Cooperation

This report summarizes the main issues discussed at the conference "Jobs for Peace and Resilience in the Framework of F2F Cooperation". It approaches the link between employment and the consolidation of peace in the aftermath of conflicts and points out key-issues that must be taken into consideration by fragile states in the development of strategies for job creation. more…

Dr. Luis Blanco | Event Reports | April 2, 2015

Building Bridges between Civil Society and Party Political Actors in the Western Balkans

The Perspective of Political Foundations

This policy paper of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) discusses basic guiding principles for the future debate on the consolidation of democratic societies in the Western Balkans. It presents case-studies that demonstrate the advantages of a strong dialogue between the civil society and party political actors. more…

April 1, 2015


A factor of instability or an opportunity for cooperation?

This publication summarizes the discussions held at the workshop “Water: a factor of instability or an opportunity for cooperation?”. The event aimed to provide a platform for dialogue and lessons learnt on a wide variety of challenges associated with transboundary water management, water diplomacy, and regional and multilateral cooperation on water governance. The event was attended by policy-makers, practitioners and experts. more…

Event Reports | March 15, 2015

What to expect from Lima? Regaining momentum on the road to Paris?

The event assessed the expectations of the negotiation parties regarding the outcomes of the COP-20 with key stakeholders in the global climate negotiations. more…

Dr. Luis Blanco | Event Reports | December 1, 2014

A new Approach to Migration in the Light of Africa-EU Relations

The EU needs a balanced approach that reinforces the nexus between development and migration and adapts regulations and legal norms correspondingly. A comprehensive policy framework and well-coordinated international cooperation are key. This Policy Paper provides recommendations for steps towards such a common approach, covering the following aspects: Development and Migration; Right to Asylum; Labour and Migration; Environmental Migration; and EU Integration Policy. more…

November 26, 2014