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Political Foundations

Development Cooperation between State and Society

Political Foundations are at the nexus of political decision makers and civil society. The ideological affiliation of political foundations to specific party families allows them to build networks based on trust and common values. Through the creation in 2006 of a transnational cross-party European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), the Foundations gained a platform that has enabled them to enter into dialogue with the EU institutions, contribute to policy-making and strengthen their overall position as development actors at the European level. more…

March 18, 2014

ISAF Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and the Emerging Security Challenges for Neighboring Central Asian States

Amid NATO’s decision to complete the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in December 2014 the central Asian region faces a period of apprehension. In this context, the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organised on 27th November 2013 the expert dinner roundtable 'ISAF Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 and the Emerging Security Challenges for Neighbouring Central Asian States'. H.E. Ambassador Patricia Flor, European Union Special Representative for Central Asia, was the key-note speaker. This report summarizes the main discussion topics in the event. more…

Dr. Luis Blanco | Event Reports | February 19, 2014

China's foreign policy under Xi Jinping

In its 16th edition, the Informal Roundtable on China discussed the perspectives and perceptions from Europe and Chinese neighboring countries about China’s foreign policy under Xi Jinping. The present report summarizes the key issues discussed in the event: the priorities of the Chinese foreign policy under Xi Jinping; the bilateral relationship with the European Union; and the perceptions from neighboring countries. more…

Dr. Luis Blanco | Event Reports | February 11, 2014

A comprehensive versus a principled approach

opportunities and risks for EU humanitarian assistance

The expert roundtable aimed to promote a discussion among European policy-makers and representatives of the humanitarian community on the establishment of an EU ‘Comprehensive Approach’ (CA). This report summarizes the four main topics discussed during the expert roundtable: the rationale behind the establishment of an EU Comprehensive Approach, the independent status of DG ECHO within the European institutional framework, the possible challenges and opportunities of an EU ‘Comprehensive Approach,’ and the relationship between the principled approach and the human rights based approach. more…

Event Reports | January 5, 2014

Post-Wall Europe needs to become “Europe for all”

State of Europe with Herman Van Rompuy

24 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy expressed in Berlin his concerns over the challenges Europe is facing today. In front of 600 invited people at the Allianz Forum in Berlin, Van Rompuy warned against growing populism on the European continent and the rising of distrust. “Populism and nationalism cannot provide the answer to the challenges of our time”. more…

Event Reports | November 9, 2013