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50 Years of International Cooperation

For 50 years the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has been engaging in fostering democracy, the rule of law and Social Market Economy. Be part of our journey by watching our new video and find out how our projects look like and with whom we work.

President receives KAS-Representative

No end to democratization

Today the President of Mongolia Tsakhia Elbegdorj received Mr. Johannes D. Rey, representative of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to Mongolia. Mr. Rey introduced the foundation’s implementing projects in Mongolia and expressed his pleasure that the President’s visit to the Federal Republic of Germany was very successful. more…

Пунсалмаа Очирбат

X.Conference of Mongolian-German Forum

"German-Mongolian collabration has its own unique sides."

First President of Mongolia promoted the improved collaboration between the two countries on Thursday just before Mongolian President Elbegdorj Ts.’s visit to Germany.



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is one of the political foundations of the Federal Republic of Germany. Through its activities and projects the Foundation aims to actively contribute to further development and to stabilization of Democracy in Mongolia. Here we present our activities. We appreciate your interest!


Previous events

May 19 - 25

Dr. Maier´s Visit to Mongolia

Apr. 26

Security policy conditions for the economy

Apr. 1 - 23

The Role of Women in Politics and Society

Mar. 28


Mongolia in Transition - A country caught in the competition for global ressources


Study and Dialogue Program for Mongolian Politicians

At the invitation of the KAS, four Mongolian politicians and scientists visited Berlin last week. The program was organized by the team for Inland Programs and accompanied by Mr. Tomislav Delincic, consultant for Northeast Asia, [...] more…

20 Years of Academy for Political Education

The history of democracy is our history

This book was published to mark the 20th anniversary of the Academy for Political Education. It presents the history of the academy in Mongolia within the context of the transition towards democracy. more…

Present and Future Perspectives of Democracy

Summary of an Academy for Political Education Conference

The Academy for Political Education has published this volume to mark the occasion of a Present and Future Perspectives of Democracy conference, where new perspectives on the still very young Mongolian democracy will be discussed. more…

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