Is the West driving Myanmar into the arms of China?


At the start of the Lunar New Year, the Chinese ambassador in Yangon praised Myanmar for having maintained political stability and making progress in the peace process. He said that China had played a constructive role in the process and would remain a presence. The assembled Burmese ministers, regional dignitaries and parliamentarians must have had mixed feelings upon hearing this. For decades, China has been pursuing ambitious goals in Myanmar, not always to the satisfaction of its neighbour. The West’s policy once again risks increasing Myanmar’s dependence on China. more…

Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Katharina Münster | Country Reports | April 20, 2018

Myanmar – new breeding ground for terrorist networks?

The “Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” (ARSA) in Focus

On 1st February 2018, a previously unknown man threw an incendiary device onto the Rangoon property where Myanmar’s de facto prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi resides. Even though security officials took the incident seriously while at the same time not wanting to overstate it, the increasing threat of terrorism in Southeast Asia has hardly been noticed elsewhere, especially in Europe. There is good reason Myanmar should be the focus of interest in such discussions. more…

Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Maria Kusmina | Country Reports | March 15, 2018

Rule of Law Handbook for Journalists in Myanmar

This Handbook provides journalists with an introduction to the concept of rule of law as a system of governance as well as the principles such a system contains. It also provides a snapshot of the system of government in Myanmar and especially the court system. The Handbook also describes some of the current legal challenges that journalists should be aware of as they do their work in Myanmar. Lastly, there is a short glossary and resource guide that should be helpful in obtaining more Information from key governmental and non-governmental sources. more…

December 12, 2017

Criteria for Investments of German SMEs in Foreign Countries

Strengthening the economy, creating growth and promoting foreign investment have been core goals of Myanmar’s new government. However, special political framework conditions contribute to difficulties in implementing these policies. more…

Michael Fuchs | August 1, 2017

Future Directions of Myanmar Migration

Challenges and Opportunities for Development

Migration is more multifaceted today than several decades ago. The relentless pace and new challenges posed by migration mean that the Myanmar government needs to be proactive in managing migration to mitigate the risks and maximize the benefits of migration for development. As migration is a cross-cutting issue, multiple stakeholders, including the private sector, need to be involved in migration policy development. more…

July 1, 2017