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in cooperation with the Forum of Federations

Translation of the original English version into Burmese language more…

George Anderson | January 1, 2017

The Changing Meaning of Federalism

From Separation of Powers to a Tool for Accommodating Diversity

In the context of the ongoing peace process many models for the future structure of the state in Myanmar have been analyzed in public discourse. Among them, federalism seems to be one of the more attractive options. more…

Prof. Dr. Rainer Grote | December 1, 2016

Myanmar in Transition: Polity, People & Processes

Panorama-Insights into Asian and European Affairs

This issue of “Panorama – Insights into Asian and European Affairs” analyses the focal areas of Myanmar's political transition - institution-building, principal actors and long-term processes that will hopefully lead toward a democratic, federal state. more…

Dr. Kerstin Duell | December 13, 2013

Myanmar - Perspectives on Political Change

An “outpost of tyranny” is how former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice described the political regime in Burma/Myanmar1 during her time in office. This negative assessment of Myanmar’s political situation is widely shared by the West, meaning primarily the US and Europe, where the media and civil society are closely following developments in the country. While human rights organizations and civil society groups in Asia share this critical assessment, Asian governments are restrained in their criticism of Myanmar’s political regime. more…

Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister | International Reports | June 28, 2010