Pillars of Mandela’s legacy

Lessons and inspirations for the future of Namibia and Africa

The KAS office for Namibia and Angola invites to a memorial lecture in honour of late former South African President Nelson Mandela on January 27th. more…

Back again

The Namibia Law Journal Website is back online.

The new address of the Namibia Law Journal Website is www.namibialawjournal.org.na more…


Namibia Law Journal Volume 04 Issue 02

The Journal has an African side to it this time. Not only does it have two articles on international law and the rule of law – one focusing on the African Union (AU) and the other on recent developments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), but also that both articles are dedicated to two prominent African leaders. Further articles concentrate among other things on plea bargaining, the prison and parole law in Namibia and the battle of Ohamakari. more…



KAS helps to consolidate the democratic constitution and the political and socio-economic participation of citizens, esp. women in Namibia through socio-political and educational programs. Similar activities are conducted from Windhoek for Angola. A focal point of the work of KAS is the analysis of regional integration in Southern Africa.


Previous events

Apr. 14 - 15

Renewable Energy Sources in Namibia

Feb. 11
Book Presentation

Namibia Foreign Relations

Historic context, current dimension and perspective for the 21st Century

Feb. 10

The Namibian Constitution: It’s values and challenges

Panel Discussion

Jan. 28

Pillars of Mandela’s legacy

Lessons and inspirations for the future of Namibia and Africa


Namibia’s Foreign Relations

Historic contexts, current dimensions, and perspectives for the 21st Century

Namibia’s foreign relations and their prudent formulation and management determine the sustainability of the country and the economic perspectives of its people. This publication and its chapters therefore discuss Namibia’s main [...] more…

RDP extra-ordinary regional committee meeting

The workshop was attended by 70 delegates from Erongo Region more…

Capacity Building workshop for NUDO Party

Capacity Building workshop for NUDO Party more…

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