Can Ethnicity, Racism and Discrimination keep Namibia together?

Part II

April 12 Tuesday


April 12, 2016, 18:00


National Theater of Namibia, Robert Mugabe Ave, Windhoek, Namibia. To the website ›



Public Debate on the topics of racism, ethnicity and discrimination and their influence on the Namibian society.

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Topics like racism, ethnicity and discrimation still play a role in the Namibian society, but are hardly discussed in public. This debate therefore serves the purpose of brining together various experts and the public in order to speak about related problems and possible solutions as well as their influence on social processes and the future of the Namibian society.

Panel speakers will be

- Carola Engelbrecht (Director Cats & Activists)

- Father Lukas Katenda (Treasurer Angelican Church)

- John Nakuta (Faculty of Law, UNAM)


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