Launch of the Short Film "A Land for Women"

Special initiative “One World – No Hunger: Strengthening Women’s Land Ownership and Land Use Rights in Sub-Saharan Afric

May 14 Monday


May 14, 2018, 12:00 -14:00


Goethe Institute Auditorium, 5 Fidel Castro Street, Windhoek


Hon. Priscilla Boois, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Land Reform



The film was produced for KAS through the special initiative “One World – No Hunger: Strengthening Women’s Land Use and Land Ownership Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa” to raise awareness about equal rights to communal land in Namibia.

Also available in Deutsch

Special Initiative "One World-No Hunger: Strengthening women's land ownership and land use rights in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Program - 14th May 2018

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