Namibia’s Foreign Relations

Historic contexts, current dimensions, and perspectives for the 21st Century

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Namibia’s foreign relations and their prudent formulation and management determine the sustainability of the country and the economic perspectives of its people. This publication and its chapters therefore discuss Namibia’s main bilateral and multilateral relationships, the historic and normative foundations of those bonds, their strategic objectives and interests, and their interface with other policy fields.

The collective effort of this book brings together, for the first time, academicians, diplomats and policymakers from within and beyond Namibia with the purpose of offering a systematic understanding of some of the most significant dimensions of the country’s foreign relations.


v | List of abbreviations

vii | About the contributors


3 | Namibia's foreign relations in a changing world - An appraisal
Anton Bösl

Section I - Historic and normative aspects

27 | Namibian diplomacy before independence
Chris Saunders

37 | Namibia and the United Nations until 1990
Dennis U Zaire

51 | Germany's role in Namibia's independence
Hans-Dietrich Genscher

59 | Principles and principals of Namibia's foreign relations
Peya Mushelenga

Section II - Namibia's bilateral relations

81 | Namibia and Angola: Analysis of a symbiothic relationship
Hidipo Hamutenya

111 | Namibia and China: Profile and appraisal of a relationship
André du Pisani

135 | Namibia's bilateral relations with Germany: A crucial relationship
Peter H Katjavivi

169 | Unequal but intertwined: Namibia's bilateral relationship with South Africa
Tjiurimo Alfredo Hengari and Chris Saunders

181 | From confrontation to pragmatic cooperation: United States of America-Namibia relations
William A Lindeke

Section III - Namibia's multilateral relations

211 | Namibia and the Southern African Customs Union
Gerhard Erasmus

231 | Namibia and the Southern African Development Community
Kaire Mbuende

253 | Namibia and the African Union
Bience Gawanas

281 | The European Union: Relations with Namibia
Raúl Fuentes Milani

293 | The United Nations and Namibia since 1990
Kari Egge

Section IV - Namibia's foreign relations in perspective

317 | The legal dimension of Namibia's foreign relations
Sacky Shanghala

343 | The parliamentary dimension of Namibia's foreign relations
Nora Schwimming-Chase

367 | Namibia's foreign relations and security policy: Exploration of a critical nexus
André du Pisani

393 | Beyond economic diplomacy: The interface of Namibia's foreign relations and economic cooperation
Lesley Blaauw

413 | Namibia's attitudes towards pan-Africanism
Joseph Diescho

435 | Namibia: Global governance matters
Henning Melber

Editors: Anton Bösl, André du Pisani and Dennis U Zaire


Dr. Dr. Anton Bösl, André du Pisani, Dennis Zaire


Namibia, February 11, 2014