Workshop report: Elections Campaign Strategies and Tactics

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On 23 and 24 July, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a workshop on Elections Campaign Strategies and Tactics.

The workshop organized under the title “the Game has changed. Current Campaigning Trends from Germany and Europe” took place a short distance outside Windhoek and was attended by 40 representatives of the various political parties. The workshop looked critically and closely to issues related to modern campaign trends mostly from Europe and the USA. It underlines the importance of the ‘message’ as a central theme in a party election campaign tactics. The workshop considered the do’s and don’ts during the campaign, how to manage resources and strategies as well as other closely associated topics. The workshop conducted by an expert on election matters and management, a specialist in his field, ended on a positive note.


Dennis Zaire

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Namibia, October 9, 2014