Event report: SACU: Taking stock and considering future developments

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This is a brief report about the workshop helt on 5 September 2014.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa (TRALAC) jointly organized a workshop of experts to look at developments within the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). The workshop benefitted from the expertise of Trudi Harzenberg, Executive Director, TRALAC, Paul Kalenga, TRALAC Associate and Prof. Gerhard Erasmus, TRALAC Associate and professor of Law at Stellenbosch University. Presenters critically analysed the 2002 SACU agreement and the status quo, the issues and challenges confronting SACU and what the future holds. A lively discussion ensued from the participants on broad range of issues confronting the world oldest customs union. Participants came from the private sectors, government departments, civil society organizations, the diplomatic community and the SACU Secretariat based in Windhoek. The workshop was a resounding success and participants greatly thanked the organizers for the initiative. A short report is available on request.


Dennis Zaire

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Namibia, October 9, 2014