Where next for the European Union and Transatlantic relations?

August 29 Tuesday


August 29, 2017, 6.00 - 8.00 pm


KAS New York


Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the European Parliament



A discussion with Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the European Parliament, on the occasion of his visit to the United Nations

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Whilst the combination of the Trump Presidency and Brexit are generating real uncertainty on both sides of the Atlantic, the most recent events of this year - the retreat of populist forces in Europe, the election of Emmanuel Macron as French President and the gradual recovery of the eurozone economy - are helping to create a renewed sense of momentum among European leaders and institutions. The general election in Germany is now only weeks away, offering the potential for important initiatives in coming months.

How should international policy-makers - whether in the European Union or the United Nations - respond to the challenges and choices of today's uncertain world? How is President Trump affecting transatlantic relations? What will be the role of the EU institutions and the Franco-German axis in shaping the European response? How will Brexit play out and is it already affecting the policy priorities of the other EU 27, giving them a renewed common purpose? Will they forge closer unity, and if so, in which policy fields?

Klaus Welle will talk about the politics of the EU today and the Union's prospects for tomorrow, in an era where international institutions and transatlantic relations are being severely tested.

Biographical Note: Klaus Welle has been Secretary General of the European Parliament since 2009. He previously served as chief of staff to the President of the Parliament, Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP) and the EPP Group in the European Parliament, as well as head of foreign affairs for the CDU party in Germany.

Klaus Welle

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