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May 17, 2018

A Network for a Lifetime - Get-Together of current and former KAS Fellows

In order to connect current and former KAS fellows with one another, the KAS New York office invited them to discuss with Axel Wennmann about the Role of the United Nations in Iraq

May 7, 2018

How the United Nations fight terrorism

The fight against global terrorism has a little known ally – more united and expedient than one might think. This was the key message Dr. David Scharia offered in his speech in the KAS New York office on the evening of May 7th. more…

April 30, 2018


Working together for an independent judiciary

Since early April the KAS rule of law programs and KAS New York have entered into formal cooperation with the UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Dr. Diego Garcia Sayán. On April 19th an official memorandum of understanding was signed during a joint event in Sao Paolo. more…

April 4, 2018

Iraq at a Crossroads: Reconfiguring the Role of the United Nations

How can the United Nations better align its strategic goals in Iraq with those of Iraqi policymakers in order to enhance its role in the country? This paper was inspired by a study visit of a high-ranking Iraqi delegation from Baghdad and Erbil to the United Nations and other institutions organized by KAS NY in October 2017. more…

March 30, 2018

One World - No Hunger

Stregthening women's land use and ownership rights

Stefanie Braun, Project Manager of the "One World - No Hunger" initiative at KAS Namibia, talks about the project which aims to strengthen women's land use and ownership rights. more…

March 30, 2018

KAS NY interviews MP Peter Beyer

Dr. Stefan Friedrich, Director of the KAS New York office interviews Peter Beyer, Member of the German Bundestag and Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs more…

March 23, 2018

Catalyzing the SDGs through Expanded Domestic Resource Mobilization

Members of the African Policy Circle Oladiran Bello, Executive Director of Good Governance Africa and Salina Sanou, Head of Policy and Advocacy at ACORD Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development publish a paper on "Catalyzing the SDGs through Expanded Domestic Resource Mobilization ". more…

March 22, 2018


KAS New York goes Twitter!

A little over a year after the opening of the newly established office of KAS here in New York we are excited to bring our content to Twitter! Follow us for insights into our work as the liaison office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to the United Nations. more…

March 21, 2018

Peacebuilding in rural Africa: A major task for grassroots women leaders

During the 62nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women KAS New York welcomed grassroots women leaders from Africa and other interested experts to discuss the status, challenges and opportunities for women and girls living in rural areas. more…

March 20, 2018

Peacebuilding in rural Africa: KAS NY Interview

Helen Kezie-Nwoha, Executive Director at the Kampala based Women's International Cross-Cultural Exchange(Isis-WICCE) in an interview with Dr. Stefan Friedrich, Director of KAS NY more…