Security Policy Dialogue in Sub-Saharan and West Africa

Interview with Tinko Weibezahl

Tinko Weibezahl, Head of the KAS Regional Program of Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, was in New York for a dialogue program on counter-terrorism in West Africa. In this video, he talks to Dr. Stefan Friedrich, Director of the KAS New York Office, about the goals of his regional program and KAS's contributions towards the education of young soldiers. more…

June 11, 2018

Navigating the Complex Response to Extremism

Dialogue program on counter-terrorism in West Africa

For such a complex problem as violent extremism, there is no simple solution. This became clear during a three day exchange between West African terrorist experts, representatives from the UN and other relevant think thanks in New York. It takes comprehensive responses, starting at very different levels of state and society, to tackle this problem. The experts also agreed that exclusively relying on military security approaches to terrorism does not provide long-term solutions. more…

Magdalena Jetschgo | Event Reports | May 31, 2018

Development Cooperation for achieving the 2030 Agenda: The Way Forward

On May 23, 2018, at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung New York experts from the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST), the German Development Institute (GDI-DIE) and other international organizations met to discuss the challenges facing global development cooperation. more…

Event Reports | May 23, 2018

Tackling a global problem with transnational solutions – terrorism and the United Nations

The fight against global terrorism has a little known ally – more united and expedient than one might think. This was the key message Dr. David Scharia offered in his speech in the KAS New York office on the evening of May 7th. In contrary to the prevalent common perception of the UN as a toothless tiger, Dr. Scharia explained how the United Nations effectively fight terrorism with a comprehensive and assertive approach. more…

Event Reports | May 18, 2018

Iraq at a Crossroads: Reconfiguring the Role of the United Nations

This paper was inspired by a study visit of a high-ranking Iraqi delegation from Baghdad and Erbil to the United Nations and other institutions in New York in October 2017. This visit entitled “The future role of the United Nations in Iraq” was organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s New York office in cooperation with the foundation’s Syria/Iraq Office. The author of this publication, Ali Al-Mawlawi, was part of this delegation. Ali is Head of Research at the Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies in Baghdad ( more…

Country Reports | April 4, 2018