Tackle the problems at their roots – with the help of the UN

High-ranking Iraqi delegation from Baghdad and Erbil visits New York on KAS invitation more…

Magdalena Jetschgo | Event Reports | October 30, 2017

Freedom of Religion or Belief and Women’s Rights – reinforcing each other?

On September 22nd, 2017 KAS New York hosted an inspiring gathering of female parliamentarians from all over the world. more…

Magdalena Jetschgo | Event Reports | September 29, 2017

Making Africa Work

A first-hand account of how to ensure growth beyond commodities and create jobs on the continent. A blueprint for a prosperous Africa! more…

Victoria-Charlotte Browning | Event Reports | September 21, 2017

The United Nations and North Korea

A Balancing Act between Sanctions and Humanitarian Assistance

A leadership that defies all pleas for reason stands opposite a population that faces dire humanitarian needs. While the Security Council is desperately attempting to uphold the Non-Proliferation Treaty and trying to circumvent a nuclear arms race in the Asia Pacific by imposing drastic sanctions, six residential UN agencies and several more non-residential UN bodies are providing humanitarian assistance to the impoverished country. more…

Dr. Stefan Friedrich, Victoria-Charlotte Browning | September 20, 2017

„Where next for the European Union and transatlantic relations?"

European politics in an era of uncertainty. more…

Victoria-Charlotte Browning | Event Reports | September 3, 2017