"Education Lab One"

Role model entrepreneurial skills or what effective education needs

November 26 Sunday


November 26 - 28, 2017


Stockholm, Sweden



During the conference, German and Swedish experts from startups and the entrepreneurship field will discuss the significance entrepreneurial skills should have in the education system to enable sustainable improvements.

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During the first day of the conference the participants will get an overview of the German and Swedish education system as well as the significance of entrepreneurial skills within the systems. Input sessions will enable them to figure out the similarities and the differences of both systems. The knowledge of the first day will be the foundation for several workshop sessions, which will follow on the second day of the conference. During the workshop sessions several aspects will be discussed with regards to the school level, university level as well as concerning the contents of the education system in general. In the end, some main aspects will be fixed in order to ensure a sustainable development of entrepreneurial skills within the German and Swedish education system.

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