Securing Northern Europe

Bridging the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic and the Arctic

December 11 Monday


December 11 - 12, 2017


Stockholm, Sweden



Experts from the Baltic Sea Region, the Nordic States and North America will discuss Security Policy issues and challenges. The geographical focus will be the Baltic Sea Region, the North Atlantic as well as the Arctic.

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Security Policy issues became increasingly important during the last years. Besides many other regions, the Baltic Sea Region and Northern Europe are affected by the developments as well - especially because of recent events in international politics. Besides general questions and challenges of Security Policy, the conference will mainly focus on the Baltic Sea Region, Northern Europe and the Arctic, discuss the current status quo as well as possibilities of further cooperation in order to be prepared for possible challenges in the future.

NATO-Schiffe bei der Marine-Übung BALTICOPS im Juni 2015 | © U.S. Navy / Amanda S. Kitchner

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