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Perceptions and Strategies of Arcticness in Sub-Arctic Europe

The notion of the Arcticness is on the rise and increasingly influences strategic considerations of global and regional actors. During the last few decades the interests of many international actors in the Arctic region have significantly increased. In the last decades Arctic countries have been active politically and institutionally. However, not only the Arctic countries are interested in the region. Therefore, this research project intends to address all these questions and examine the developing perceptions and strategies of the Arcticness among the number of sub-Arctic countries. more…

April 17, 2014

Government Change in Norway

Høyre clear winner of the parliamentary election

On the 9th of September 2013, the citizens of Norway elected a new Parliament. Despite his popularity in the population and being the chairman of the strongest party, the election has been a resounding defeat for the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. After eight years of governing in a coalition consisting of the Labour Party, Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party, Norwegian electorate voted for a change of government. more…

Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, Martin Becker, Clara Specht | Country Reports | September 13, 2013

Political State of the Region Report 2012

Dilemmas and Coherence in the Baltic Sea Region

BDF/KAS Deep Water Think Tank group presents its 2nd Political State of the Region Report focussing on regional governance and coherence. More extensively the report is dealing with three countries, namely Russia, Iceland and Norway – the latter two having not been dealt with in the first report published in 2011 – with special focus on these countries’ policies towards the BSR. more…

Prof. Dr. Bernd Henningsen, Tobias Etzold | June 18, 2012

Finland’s New President

After 56 Years, a Conservative Is Once Again Heading the Republic

Finland has a new President. The competition for the highest office of the Republic of Finland was observed with great interest by the rest of Europe. The fact that the 2 staunch pro-EU proponents Niinistö and Haavisto fought out the final round between them can actually be seen as an indication of the Finns’ loyalty to Europe. more…

Andreas Michael Klein | International Reports | April 16, 2012

Political State of the Region Report

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Baltic Development Forum (BDF) presented the Political State of the (Baltic Sea) Region Report in the frame of the 13th BDF Summits in Gdansk. Under the chairmanship of Professor Bernd Henningsen 24 authors have contributed to the report with their political assesments on the current situation in the region. more…

Prof. Dr. Bernd Henningsen | October 25, 2011