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Party Conference of Høyre in Oslo - an unconventional convention

Prime Minister Erna Solberg confirmed as chairwoman

Erna Solberg has been the chairwoman of the Conservative Party Høyre in Norway since 2003. Last weekend she was reelected enthusiastically for another two years. more…

Elisabeth Bauer | Country Reports | April 13, 2016

Lesson Learned? Icelands Prime Minister under fierce pressure after leaked "Panama Papers"

"Panama Papers" reveal a tender spot of Iceland

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson is one of the world wide high-level politicians who is charged by the "Panama Papers". Two days after Gunnlaugsson letterbox company became public, his party announced his withdrawal as chairman. Gunnlaugsson however informed the international press, that he will be only pausing but not resigning. Now he is blamed for breaking trust. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Nadja Cornelius-Pieplow | Country Reports | April 8, 2016

Increasing number ob refugees: Norway seeks for closer cooperation in Northern Europe

Dissent about course of migration policy

In the beginning of this year the Norwegian government aims to present a new asylum package. The influence of the upcoming elections for Parliament in 2017 is already noticeably. more…

Elisabeth Bauer | Country Reports | March 30, 2016

Migration Policy in Sweden

Flawed role model?

For a long time Sweden aimed to be an international pioneer in migration policy and now it is making every effort to be the worse than others, sounded the alarm on November 24 in the Sweden´s major newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The newspaper was referring to the extensive measures which the government released beforehand in order to become less attractive for refugees. more…

Dr. Bernd Parusel | Country Reports | January 7, 2016

The Norwegian response to the refugee crisis

Norway received highest number of asylum seekers

In 2015 Europe has experienced one of the greatest influxes of refugees and migrants since WW2 as vast numbers of people have fled the ongoing violence in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. The European asylum systems have consequently been put under severe pressure. Norway is one of the countries that have received the highest number of asylum seekers compared to local population in 2015. In relative terms, only six European countries received more asylum applications (January-October 2015). more…

Country Reports | December 23, 2015