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Norway´s government seeks for renewal of the national budget

Norway has to reduce its dependence on mineral oil

The decline of prices of mineral oil from about 110 USD (around 97 Euro) per barrel in summer 2014 to the current price of under 50 USD (around 44 Euro) endangers Norway's wealth. The development of the oil and gas prices has been weaker than expected, although the oil prices have slightly increased again in the last two months. That is why the Norwegian state has to balance out lower income from the mineral oil activities. At the same time, state oil funds grow slower than predicted. more…

André Oktay-Dahl, Elisabeth Bauer, Inken Sittler | July 12, 2016

Iceland´s new president starts his mandate with a historical novelity

Political newcomer Gudni Johannesson wins elections

On the first days after his election, the new President and political newcomer Gudni Johannesson could witness Icelands Football National team kicking out England with 2:1 of the European Championship. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Janis Krastins | July 1, 2016

Party Conference of Høyre in Oslo - an unconventional convention

Prime Minister Erna Solberg confirmed as chairwoman

Erna Solberg has been the chairwoman of the Conservative Party Høyre in Norway since 2003. Last weekend she was reelected enthusiastically for another two years. more…

Elisabeth Bauer | April 13, 2016

Lesson Learned? Icelands Prime Minister under fierce pressure after leaked "Panama Papers"

"Panama Papers" reveal a tender spot of Iceland

Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson is one of the world wide high-level politicians who is charged by the "Panama Papers". Two days after Gunnlaugsson letterbox company became public, his party announced his withdrawal as chairman. Gunnlaugsson however informed the international press, that he will be only pausing but not resigning. Now he is blamed for breaking trust. more…

Elisabeth Bauer, Nadja Cornelius-Pieplow | April 8, 2016

Increasing number ob refugees: Norway seeks for closer cooperation in Northern Europe

Dissent about course of migration policy

In the beginning of this year the Norwegian government aims to present a new asylum package. The influence of the upcoming elections for Parliament in 2017 is already noticeably. more…

Elisabeth Bauer | March 30, 2016

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