Trilateral Summer School on Regional Integration

June 3 Sunday


June 3 - 10, 2012


Bildungszentrum Schloss Wendgräben, Wendgräbener Chaussee 1, Wendgräben, Germany


Botschafter Dr. Gunter Mulack, Botschafter Dr. Rainald Steck, Botschafter Dr. Karl Fischer, Dr. Céline Caro, Senator Hamed Gailani, Dr. Ross Masood Husain, Mario Sander von Torklus, Dr. Babak Khalatbari, Tinko Weibezahl.



2nd Trilateral Summer School on Regional Integration


The International Conference on Afghanistan held in Bonn in December 2011 put the further process of the “handing-over into responsibility“ in concrete terms. According to the Federal German government, the transition process, the long-term commitment and the political process have determined the character of the conference. Regarding point three of the agenda, regional integration plays a major role for the further stabilization of the region. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung highlighted this topic already in June 2011 with the implementation of a project for 36 young professionals from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Germany named “Trilateral Summer School on Security, Stability and Trade”. The aim of the Trilateral Summer School was to strengthen foreign, security, economic-political and socio-political cooperation mechanisms and make recommendations for the foreseeable future of the region. As a result of the week long summer school a strong network was established between young decision and opinion makers of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Germany. The success of the first Trilateral Summer School has paved the way to further strengthen regional integration by way of developing concrete and tangible policy recommendations and presenting them to the policy makers of the respective countries.


An existing and intensive dialogue between young decision and opinion makers as well as representatives of the civil society, established through a project of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in 2011 in Islamabad, Pakistan, continues and will be strengthened. Policy recommendations made by the representative groups of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Germany during the Trilateral Summer School are to be disseminated through the deans, parliamentarians, civil servants and media. A publication of the policy recommendations by all respective groups will be published for larger dissemination in all three countries.


Based on the lessons learnt from the first Trilateral Summer School the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has devised an innovative strategy to ensure advocacy on the policy recommendations made therefore, 36 participants (around 12 from each country), coming from various sectors like politics, media, academia and economy will meet from 02 June to 09 June, 2012 in Berlin and Wendgräben in order to intensify the dialogue and to carry out policy recommendations. The Summer School will be headed by three Deans (one from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Germany). It is planned that lectures will be delivered by highly renowned experts and policy practitioners including former ambassadors, top government officials, renowned academics and representatives from the civil society. In total, six speakers will share their expertise with the participants of the Trilateral Summer School in numerous sessions. After the lectures the participants will split up in three working groups in order to carry out policy recommendations which will contribute to an intensified discussion on regional integration. One group will work on a policy recommendation for the German government, one group on a policy recommendation for the Afghan government and one group on a policy recommendation for the Pakistani government. The respective deans will chair the working groups and give support for the final findings. The deans and elected representatives of the groups will present the policy recommendations in the respective countries.

In order to guarantee the quality of the working results as well as having a reliable logistic a preparation seminar will be held for participants from Afghanistan and Pakistan in Islamabad on June 01 and 02, 2012. The participants from Afghanistan, therefore, will travel from Kabul to Islamabad on May 31, 2012. Together the group will depart for Germany on June 03, 2012 via Dubai.


Thursday, 31 May Arrival of Afghan Participants to Islamabad

Friday, June 01 Preparation Seminar Part one

Saturday, June 02 Preparation Seminar Part two

Sunday, June 03 ISL-DXB-DUS-BER, Arrival in Berlin and transfer to Wendgräben, check-in and dinner


08.00-09.00 hrs Breakfast

09.00-09.30 hrs Official Welcome and Kick-off by the Deans and the organizers

09.30-10.00 hrs Round of Introductions (Who I am and what I do)

10.00-11.00 hrs Pakistan’s Challenges and Prospects – a German Perspective Lecturer: Ambassador (r) Dr. Gunter Mulack, confirmed.

11.00-12.00 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

12.30-14.00 hrs Lunch

14.00-15.00 hrs Afghanistan’s Challenges and Prospects – a German Perspective Lecturer: Ambassador (r) Dr. Rainald Steck, confirmed.

15.00-16.00 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

16.00-16.30 hrs Tea Break

16.30-17.30 hrs Interactive Session: Speakers/Scholars moderated by the deans

17.30-18.30 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

18.30-20.00 hrs Dinner & Debate

Tuesday, June 05 School Day 02 “THE LOGIG OF REGIONAL INTEGRATION”

08.00-09.00 hrs Breakfast

09.00-09.30 hrs Welcome by the deans

09.30-10.30 hrs Explaining Regional Integration Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider, tbc.

10.00-11.00 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

11.00-12.00 hrs Integration in Asia: Challenges and prospects of ASEAN and SAARC Lecturer: Dr. habil. Christian Wagner, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, tbc.

12.00-13.00 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

13.00-14.30 hrs Lunch

14.30-15.30 hrs Regional Integration in Europe – Current Prospects and Challenges Lecturer: Dr. Céline Caro, Coordinator European Affairs, KAS, confirmed.

15.30-16.30 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

16.30-17.00 hrs Tea Break

17.00-1800 hrs Interactive Session: Speakers/Scholars moderated by the deans

18.30-20.00 hrs Dinner & Debate

Wednesday, June 06 Day 03, “WORKING GROUPS”

08.00-0900 hrs Breakfast

09.00-10.00 hrs Afghanistan and Pakistan – Neighbours or Friends? Lecturer: Dr. Ambassador (r) Karl Fischer, tbc.

10.00-11.00 hrs Question & Answer and Comment Session

11.00-11.30 hrs Briefing on “Policy recommendations” and Splitting-up in 3 working groups (AFG/PAK/GER)

11.30-12.30 hrs Defining Afghanistan’s national interests, Pakistan’s national interests, Germany’s national interests, moderated by the deans

12.30-14.00 hrs Lunch

14.00-18.30 hrs Working Group Discussion and Mapping-out of recommendations

18.30-20.00 hrs Dinner & Debate

Thursday, June 07, 2012 Day 04, “WORKING GROUPS”

08.00-09.00 hrs Breakfast

09.00-12.30 hrs Finalizing the Policy Recommendations

12.30-13.30 hrs Lunch

13.30-15.00 hrs Presentation of the working group results

15.00-16.00 hrs Check-out and lift to Berlin

18.00 hrs Arrival and check-in

19.30-20.00 hrs Official Closing Ceremony moderated by the deans

20.00-20.10 hrs Vote of Thanks by the organizers

20.10-22.30 hrs Dinner Reception with VIPs (AA, BMZ, BmVg, Bundestag) at the Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg, tbc.

Friday, 8 June Day 05 “POLITICAL MEETINGS”

08.00-09.00 hrs Breakfast

09.30-10.30 hrs Foreign Office, Meeting the Special Representative for Afghanistan/Pakistan

11.00-12.00 hrs Meeting with the German President, tbc.

12.30-14.00 hrs Working Lunch at the German Parliament, Reichstag Cupola

14.00-1500 hrs Political Tour through the German Parliament

15.30-16.30 hrs Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, tbc.

Free evening

Saturday, 9 June Day 06 “Socio-Political/Cultural Day”

10.00-11.00 hrs Breakfast

11.00-14.00 hrs City Tour

14.00-18.00 hrs Free afternoon

18.30–21.00 hrs Farewell Dinner at the Restaurant “Am Neuen See”

Sunday, 10 June Departure BER-DUS and then to Kabul or Islamabad via Dubai


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