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January 17, 2014

Precarious Situation in the Jordan Valley

Together with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICADH), the team of KAS Ramallah was able to obtain an overview of the living conditions of Palestinians in the Jordan valley during a one-day-tour. more…

December 19, 2013


Family Unification in Jerusalem

The conference “Palestinian families under threat: 10 years ban of family unification in Jerusalem” was held in the Legacy Hotel in East Jerusalem on December 18. The event was organized by the catholic human rights’ organisation Society of St. Yves in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ramallah and Beirut more…

November 25, 2013
Legal Encounter with Prof. Irene Schneider, Göttingen University

The Discourse about the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Iran

Legal Encounter wit Prof. Irene Schneider, University of Göttingen

November 13, 2013

Visit of the CDU state parliament faction of Baden-Würrtemberg in the KAS Ramallah Office

A group of twelve members of the CDU state parliament faction of Baden-Württem,berg visited the KAS Ramallah office on Wednesday, 13th November. more…

November 4, 2013


Reducing electricity and water shortages in the Dura-Hebron region by improved use of resources

Together with the Dura municipality, the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Ramallah has organized a three-day workshop from October 29 to 31 2013 in order to train 53 housewifes from the Dura region in methods and techniques of efficient and econocmical use of water. The workshop aims at targeting the shortage of water and electricity resources in the region.

October 24, 2013

KAS International Reports

Between Religion, Extremism and Governance - Political Islam in the Palestinian Territories

According to Palestinian Basic Law, Islam is the official religion in the Palestinian Territories.1 It is an integral part of political and social life of the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 98 per cent of whom are Muslim. It also exerts a decisive influence on the two major movements, Hamas and Fatah, as well as on numerous smaller political parties and movements, which often originate in the secular sphere or have Marxist roots. more…

September 25, 2013

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll

Palestinian public divided on resumption of peace negotiations

Palestinian public is split regarding the resumption of direct negotiations with Israel and pessimistic regarding the chances for success, but if the talks do lead to a peace agreement, the public believes that a majority of the Palestinians will approve it in a referendum. more…

August 21, 2013

American Diplomacy

The Middle East Peace Process - The History in the Context of 2013 John Kerry Peace Efforts

Since the end of World War Two, the United States has assigned itself the primary responsibility for the security and order of the Middle East. Most early U.S actions in the region were carried out under the anti-Communist doctrine of Containment. more…

July 4, 2013

Current Public Opinion

US Peace Initiative raises little hope among Israelis and Palestinians

The newest Joint Israeli-Palestinian Poll has been released. It provides a comprehensive picture of the climate of disbelief in the prospects of successful peace talks. more…

June 17, 2013

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (48)

Palestinians: PA has become a burden on the Palestinian people

While a majority supports the appointment of Rami Al Hamdallah as Prime Minister, 40% believe the Palestinian Authority has become a burden on the Palestinian people and only 30% believe that it is an accomplishment. And while Ismail Haniyeh wins against Abbas in presidential elections in the Gaza Strip, half of the public believes that the Palestinian have a failed leadership. more…