ICP graduation ceremony April 2013

Graduation of Public Sector Employees in Bethlehem

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On April 9th 2013 the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) at Bethlehem University celebrated the graduation of a new group of Professional Diploma graduates.

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The ICP’s Diploma Program in Public Administration is offered by Bethlehem University in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Ramallah. Since 2009 it aims to provide public sector employees with an opportunity to enhance their expertise in management and administration. Eventually, this helps the Palestinian public institutions in functioning efficiently and effectively. Administrative capacity building is an important prerequisite for good governance.

This year 22 trainees of Palestinian municipalities and local councils, ministries, local governments and other public entities received their diplomas. The certificates were handed over by representatives of the university, KAS and the governorate of Bethlehem. After a short introduction by Vice Chancellor Peter Bray, Director of Education Directorate Sami Mroua congratulated the students on their achievements. Hereafter, ICP Director Moussa Rabadi thanked KAS for its ongoing support. Finally, head of KAS office Palestinian Territories, Dr. Hans Maria Heyn, praised the graduates’ high motivation and stressed the value of education. He confirmed that the KAS was proud of supporting this unique diploma programme in the Palestinian Territories. At a reception following the ceremony students gathered with teachers and relatives to celebrate their graduation.

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Palestinian Territories, April 15, 2013