Field Trip: Public Administration in Local Councils

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Students of the Public Administration Diploma Program, supported jointly by KAS & GIZ and implemented by ICP, participated in a field trip to the public administrations of Ramallah and Betunia.

A businesslike trip for the administrative diploma students of our partner the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) took place after joint efforts by KAS-and its counterpart GIZ. Mr. Marc Frings opened the day by a welcoming note to the students, highlighting the German philosophy of local governments as the first direct relation between the citizen and the government describing it as the gate to trust building. The students met Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF), Planning Unit-Ministry of local affairs (MoLG), to discuss the criteria the local councils have to meet to become eligible to receive development grants from the MDLF. The participants learnt about social accountability, strategic planning, twin cities business and decentralization in the local councils’ sphere. At the end of their visit the students met the Minister of Local Affairs who expressed appreciation to KAS’s efforts to raise the capacity of the local councils through the administrative diploma program.

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Palestinian Territories, October 10, 2017

ICP Excursion