KAS Resident Representative Meets The New ECCP Executive Director

Juli 31 Dienstag


31. Juli 2018


KAS Philippines Office



KAS Philippines Resident Representative Prof. Dr. Stefan Jost meets with Florian Gottein, Executive Director of European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ECCP) and Gerry Constantino, Director of ECCP.

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The meeting focused on the partnership and potential synergies of KAS Philippines with ECCP in the years ahead. KAS and ECCP are working together on the on-going project “Local Government Integrity Circles” (LoGIC) Project. LoGIC Project, a European Union co-funded project, is a collaborative platform that supports the sustainability and institutionalization of the LoGIC Network - Local Government Units, Business Sector and Civil Society Organizations, committed in advancing the most innovative, efficient, and effective integrity mechanisms to address local development needs.

KAS Philippines Prof. Dr. Stefan Jost, ECCP Executive Director Florian Gottein and ECCP Director Gerry Constantino


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