Federalism in Focus

Delegation from the Philippines visits Berlin

September 25 Sunday


September 25 - October 1 2016


Berlin, Germany


Study and Information Program

A Philippine delegation, composed of lawmakers, political practitioners, and the media, met with Germany’s members of Parliament, practitioners, policymakers, etc. to comprehend the workings of one of the best models of federalism, Germany.

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This study tour, from September 25, 2016 to October 1, 2016, combined knowledge dissemination with actual on the ground experience. Other issues, which fit into the broader Philippine reform agenda, are the parliamentary system of government, party law and political party financing, and the role of parties as democratic institutions.

In discussing the workings of federalism in Germany, the study tour aimed to help its participants serve as information conduits or federalism ambassadors to the Philippines in realistically implementing the specific details of federalism in the country, in particular, intergovernmental relations between the states and the federation and among the states. Moreover, the Philippine delegation could determine what parts of German federalism would work and what would not work within the Philippine context.

The intended outcomes were achieved, as the study tour increased the knowledge of the participants through first-hand experiences of federalism in Germany. The meetings and discussions provided the intended added value and expertise on federalism and reform that can now be translated to outcomes for the constitutional reform in the Philippines.

Philippine Delegation in German Bundestag
Philippine Delegation in German Bundesrat
Philippine Delegation with Mr. Kaster
Philippine Delegation with Dr. Schüler
Philippine Delegation

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