August 10, 2018

Mediterranean Dialogue Series

Cybered Conflict in the Middle East

In the most recent issue of our Mediterranean Dialogue Series, Kristina Kausch and Lior Tabanksy summarize some of the challenges arising from cybered conflict in the Middle East and outline possible trends regarding the geopolitical potentials of cyber power and technology. more…

July 5, 2018

Dialogue Program

Partnership for the Mediterranean

A Franco-German Parliamentary Dialogue Program brought together German deputies with representatives of the French government, the parliament, the senate and selected think tanks to discuss the latest developments and cooperation potentials in the fields of security, migration and development cooperation in the Mediterranean. more…

July 5, 2018

Libya Brief 7

The Fight Over Libya's Oil

Libya's oil crescent has been shaken by clashes between militias and Khalifa Haftar's army. This is not the first time that the Gulf of Sidra becomes the scene for Libyan power struggles. The recent developments around the two oil terminals Ras Lanuf and El-Sidr showcase the fragmented political and economic conditions in Libya. more…

July 5, 2018
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The Return of the Silk Road to the Mediterranean

The Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative" is expected to profoundly affect economic and geopolitical balances in the Mediterranean. In order to discuss the expected implications, the KAS Regional Program brought together renowned experts from the Mediterranean, Europe and China in the first regional conference on the topic. more…

July 4, 2018

Libya Brief 6

An Assessment of the International Conference on Libya

Following the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, an international conference on Libya took place in Paris on 29 May 2018, in an effort to advance the political unification and reconciliation process in the country. It indicates that France wants to take the lead in the stabilization of Libya more…

June 25, 2018


China's New Silk Road in the Mediterranean

The Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)" aims to position China as important actor in the Mediterranean. The paper at hand analyzes the economic and geopolitical dimensions of the Chinese initiative and discusses the role of North African countries in the context of the Chinese initiative. [Publication in German] more…

June 20, 2018


The New Silk Roads and North Africa: What are the synergies?

In the first study of its kind, Mehdi Taje provides an in-depth assessment of the contours and motivations of the Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)", sheds light on potentials and risks of the initiative for North African countries and discusses their positioning towards the BRI. (Text in French) more…

June 8, 2018

Mediterranean Dialogue Series

China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Mediterranean Region: The Energy Dimension

In the most recent issue of our Mediterranean Dialogue Series, Dr. Frank Umbach discusses of the energy dimensions of China's Belt and Road initiative and explores the Chinese energy strategy in the Mediterranean region. more…

May 7, 2018

Mediterranean Advisory Group Meeting

The Future of Middle Eastern Cyber Warfare

The MENA region has developed into one of the central conflict theaters for cyber warfare. To contribute to a better understanding of the implications on regional security, the KAS Regional Program invited renowned experts from Europe, the US and the MENA region to an expert workshop. more…

April 30, 2018

Libya Brief 5

Oil, Banks, and Governance

Despite limited improvements, the Libyan economy still lingers well below its potential, obstructed by continuing violent conflict and political uncertainty. Inflation accelerated, the black market is thriving, and future challenges for the Libyan economy are manifold. Read more on the state of the country's economy in our most recent Libya Brief. more…