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November 26, 2017

MENA Leadership Academy

As part of a two-year training program, the Regional Program South Mediterranean in collaboration with KAS Team Inlandsprogramme organized the fourth and final workshop of the MENA Leadership Academy 2016/17 from 12 to 18 November. The training highlighted the role of civil society organizations in democratic societies. more…

November 10, 2017

European Fall Academy 2017

The European Union and the Maghreb

From 20-30 October, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean in cooperation with the European Academy Otzenhausen invited 24 students and activists from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria for a training on the European Union and EU-Maghreb relations to contribute to a better understanding between the two sides of the Mediterranean. more…

November 1, 2017


MENA Business Angel Focus Camp

To facilitate an understanding of the regional startup ecosystem and to inspire entrepreneurs to invest in newly emerged, fast-growing business ventures, KAS Regional Programme South Mediterranean organized a focus camp of three workshop days and visits to the Startup Istanbul conference from 20-24 October 2017. more…

October 31, 2017

Mediterranean Advisory Group Meeting

Options for Cooperative Security Solutions in North Africa

Shifts from traditional schemes and organizations to new forms of cooperative security provision in North Africa were discussed in the framework of the Mediterranean Advisory Group with additional experts from Europe and the US in a a closed-door workshop from 12-14 October in Cadenabbia. more…

October 10, 2017


Russia in the Mediterranean: Strategies and Aspirations

In order to contribute to the debate over Russian aspirations in the Mediterranean region and the geopolitical implications of its engagement, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean invited experts to a closed-door workshop in Tunis from 25-26 September. more…

September 4, 2017


Migration Reporting

The KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean in cooperation with the Libyan Cloud News Agency (LCNA) invited 15 journalists from Libya, Mali and Niger to Tunis from 24 to 28 August to participate in a training on migration reporting. The training provided thematic and conceptual input on migration-related topics and necessary journalistic skills. more…

August 22, 2017


Rendering Young People More Employable: The Role of the Private Sector

To foster the exchange on youth unemployment in the Southern Mediterranean, the KAS Regional Office South Mediterranean organized an expert workshop on “Rendering Young People More Employable” in cooperation with the “Co-Opinion Network” from 17 to 20 August 2017. more…

August 21, 2017


Skills & Networking for Female Entrepreneurship

To foster the entrepreneurial activity of women in the region, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean organized a training entitled „Skills & Networking for Female Entrepreneurship“ in cooperation with TheNextWomenTunisie from 9 to 11 August 2017. more…

July 31, 2017
Cover photo Publikation


Policy Brief: Security and Stability in Libya

Based on the discussions and recommendations during an expert workshop on 22 May 2017, the publication analyses ongoing challenges in Libya due to instability and necessary reforms of the country's security sector in order to address these challenges. more…

June 17, 2017

1930 - 2017

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung mourns the loss of Helmut Kohl

An outstanding German statesman and a great European has passed away. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung mourns the loss of former German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl, the Chancellor of German reunification and Honorary Citizen of Europe. more…