Libya Brief

Facts and analysis on a country in transition

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The short Libya Briefs offer facts and analyses on recent developments in and around Libya. They present the results of activities done by the Regional Program with opinions and analysis from experts within the foundation’s network about key issues concerning security, governance, and conflict resolution in the Libyan theatre.

Oil, Banks, and Governance: Economic Realities in a Divided Libya

In Libya, the economy is obstructed by continuing violent conflict and political uncertainty. Inflation accelerated, the black market is thriving and the future challenges are manifold. This Libya Brief provides an analysis of the Libyan economy and provides constructive recommendations. Read more...

The Caliphate is Dead, Long Live the Caliphate

Libya Brief on the impact of the territorial losses of the Libyan "Islamic State" offshoot on the stability of the region and the future of jihadism in North Africa. Read more...

The new UN Action Plan for Libya: An End to the Crisis?

Short policy paper on the new UN initiative to unify and pacify Libya. Read more...

Security and Stability in Libya: The Way Forward

Expert workshop on security sector reform in Libya in cooperation with STRACTEGIA. Read more...

State legitimacy and local governance in Libya

Seminar in partnership with STRACTEGIA on state legitimacy and local governance in Libya in the current peace process. Read more...

© Ben Sutherland/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Libya Brief © Ben Sutherland/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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