Mediterranean Dialogue Series

A Dialogue between Europe and the South Mediterranean

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This publication series brings together the results and recommendations from regional expert workshops and meetings on both sides of the Mediterranean to promote an informed understanding of the region and facilitate Euro-Mediterranean dialogue. Publications cover issues such as emerging security challenges, repercussions of migration movements, and economic cooperation.

Cybered Conflict in the Middle East

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 15

Cyber power has a vast geopolitical potential. Cyber technology is increasingly inseparable from all instruments of power, including diplomacy, information, economy and military. The decreasing significance of geographic proximity for the nature of interstate conflict in cyber space demands a major conceptual shift in defense. In the following discussion paper, Kristina Kausch and Lior Tabanksy summarize some of the challenges arising from cybered conflict in the Middle East and outline possible trends. Read more...

China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Mediterranean Region: The Energy Dimension

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 14

China’s geo-economic strategy in the framework of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims at creating an integrated economic network of supply and value chains - especially in the production, transport and energy sectors. The analysis by Dr. Frank Umbach gives an overview of the energy dimensions of China's Belt and Road initiative and explores the Chinese strategy in the Mediterranean region and the Persian Gulf as part of its larger energy investment and energy security strategy towards the MENA region. Read more...

A Guide for EU-NATO Security Cooperation on Foreign Terrorist Fighters in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 13

In this publication, Dr. Can Kasapoglu provides a terrorism risk modeling and intelligence analysis guide for counterterrorism assessments vis-à-vis the threat of a 'mutated' Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante in the Euro-Mediterranean region - a threat that the author calls "black banners reloaded." Read more...

Russia in the Mediterranean: Strategies and Aspirations

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 12

The involvement of a myriad of regional and international actors in the Mediterranean has decisively shaped the balance of power in the region. Among others, Russia has increasingly positioned itself as central power player in the region. In this paper, the authors shed light on Russia’s growing presence in the Mediterranean region and the shifts this presence has caused in the geopolitical balance of power. Read more...

Options for Cooperative Security Solutions in North Africa

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 11

In this publication, Dr. Anouar Boukhars examines the interaction of the expanding horizon of insecurity with conflicts and political vacuums in North Africa and discusses shifts from traditional schemes and organizations to new forms of cooperative security provision. Read more...

EU Energy Supply and its Strategic Interests for Interregional Energy Cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean Rim

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 10

Offshore discoveries of hydrocarbons in the Levant in recent years are expected to considerably influence global gas markets and change regional geopolitical dynamics. The paper sheds light on how these developments influence the EU's energy security and import demand, what role Russia plays in this regard, and which implications these dynamics might have on prospects for EU energy cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean. Read more...

Energy Security and Regional Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Rim

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 9

Energy issues present both a challenge and a potential for development in the Eastern Mediterranean, revolving around questions of political stability, regional integration, competitiveness and innovation as well as the region’s role as a bridge between the East and the West. The paper discusses the findings of an expert workshop on recent developments concerning energy security in the region and how these influence the chances for political and economic cooperation and sustainable peace. Read more...

The Levant: From Ancient Gateway to Modern Chaos - The Search for a Regional Order

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 8

The Levant as geopolitically important region has always been characterized by numerous political, economic and religious conflict lines. Popular uprisings, ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq as well as external interventions have further contributed to a destabilization of the region and have increased sectarianism and political polarization. This paper presents the results of an expert workshop on the various issues and actors that hinder or foster the (re-)building of a sustainable regional order for the Levant. Read more...

Naval Balance of Power in the Mediterranean and Political-Military Trends

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 7

The Mediterranean has become one of the most critical flashpoints for international security. The geopolitical landscape of the region is rapidly evolving into a set of hard power-dominated conflicts and disputes. In this paper, Dr. Kasapoglu looks at the latest developments in political and military trends in the Mediterranean and highlights the roles and aspirations of the most important actors active in the region. Read more...

EU Migration Partnership Revisited

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 6

While EU migration policy has noteworthy evolved since the Valletta summit, the continuous focus on EU priorities and the increasing concentration on deterrence and border control risks undermining the potential of existing dialogue formats and challenges the validity of the EU’s proclaimed partnership approach. Effective dialogue in this context has to balance the needs of the EU with other countries’ needs in order to find common ground for cooperation. This paper discusses the main findings of an expert workshop on the EU Migration Partnership and presents key recommendations. Read more...

Countering and Preventing Radicalization in the MENA Region and the EU

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 5

Summary of findings and conclusions of the workshop “Countering and Preventing Radicalization: Reviewing Approaches in the MENA Region and the EU,” 22 November 2016, in Brussels. Read more...

Power Beyond the State: Non-State Actors in the Broader Southern Mediterranean

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 4

Arab states today face a situation in which their weak institutions are besieged by a myriad of newly empowered non-state actors. Spanning across widely diverse groupings, from peaceful political and social grassroots movements to violent extremists, non-state actors put pressure on the flawed Arab state by demanding accountability, justice, revolutionary change. Experts from MENA and Europe discussed non-state actors in the south Mediterranean. Read more...

North Africa and the EU: Partnership for Reform and Growth

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 3

Representatives of private sector organizations, chambers of commerce, think tanks, as well as entrepreneurs and academics from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia reviewed the challenges for economic growth and integration in the MENA region. The main objective of the conference was to explore new approaches to overcome these in conjunction with the EU. Read more...

Transformation Processes in the Maghreb and EU-Mediterranean Cooperation

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 2

The Regional Programme organized an international seminar on the issue of transformation processes in the Maghreb and the cooperation between Europe and the southern Mediterranean. The seminar aimed at analyzing the democratization and transformation processes in the Maghreb, focusing on Tunisia and the regional cooperation with the European Union, as well as discussing reforms for the future of the region. The publication is in German. Read more...

The Mediterranean Basin: Migration Strategies and Policies

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 1

KAS organized a dialogue workshop in Turkey from 27th to 30th May 2016 to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices for the management of migration flows and policies in the Mediterranean basin, to develop approaches and instruments for deepening the coordination and cooperation among experts and practitioners from Mediterranean and European countries. Read more...

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