Libya Today: Society, Politics and Space

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In order to strengthen the academic understanding of the Libyan context and to connect Libyan and international scholars and researchers, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean organized an international conference in cooperation with the Institute de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain (IRMC), CNRS, the French Embassy in Libya, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Delegation of the European Union to Libya, UNDP, the National Library Tunis, Total, and ACTED.

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Libya Today Conference

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The conference “Libya Today: Society, Politics and Space” was held from 12-13 July 2018 at the National Library in Tunis and brought together a vast array of historical and socio-political contributions on issues of statehood, territoriality, society and identity with regards to Libya.

As the first conference of its kind focusing on Libya alone, the symposium in Tunis established the foundation for a stronger academic cooperation among Libyan scholars and universities as well as between Libyans and renowned international experts and research institutions. The academic papers and arguments presented during the conference touched upon a variety of pressing issues in the conflict-torn country.

In an effort to build a larger academic network that has the power to protect and guide a political process of reconciliation and peacebuilding, the conference enabled scholars from different backgrounds to exchange their views and perspectives in a constructive and fact-based environment and discuss the future of Libya.

As the future of the country largely depends on the ability of its youth to open up to the world and overcome current socio-political boundaries, the roundtable for young researchers on Libya on the second day of the conference provided a great opportunity to support today’s students and connect the academic elite of today with the leadership of tomorrow.

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Tunisia, August 20, 2018