Alumni Seminar of the European Fall Academy

"Shaping Neighbourhood" Simulation

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Since 2015, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean in cooperation with the European Academy Otzenhausen has been organizing the European Fall Academy for students and young civil society activists from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. From 12 – 15 August, participants from the last three generations were brought together in Tunis to strengthen their knowledge on the role and structure of European institutions.

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Alumniseminar Otzenhausen

Participants of the European Fall Academy Alumni Seminar

During the simulation game "Shaping Neighbourhood" with trainers from the German CIVIC Institute for international education, participants took on roles of members of the European Parliament as well as representatives in the Council of the European Union and the European Commission to play through a scenario of negotiations with "candidate countries" in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy in four dimensions: peace and security, shared values, level of economic integration, and participation in cohesion and developmental policy.

Participants discussed principles of and challenges to democracy as well as participatory and equitable decision making processes. During the three training days, the group of 25 young civil society activists studied the learning targets and effects of simulation game methodology, explored the role of European institutions in working groups and got an introduction into the structures and history of the European Union.

By simulating European decision making processes in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy, participants were able to strengthen their communication and negotiation skills and deepen their practical knowledge of political debates and institutional proceedings.

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Tunisia, September 3, 2018