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Smart Development Model

Nouvel horizon économique pour la Tunisie

Presentation of the study "Smart Development Strategy for the Maghreb: Structural Reform, A New Role for the State, Regional Integration" and discussion of the recommendations with an expert roundtable more…

Event Reports | April 18, 2018

Foreign Terrorist Fighters in the Euro-Mediterranean Area

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 13

In this publication, Dr. Can Kasapoglu provides a terrorism risk modeling and intelligence analysis guide for counterterrorism assessments vis-à-vis the threat of a 'mutated' Islamic State of Iraq and the Levante in the Euro-Mediterranean region - a threat that the author calls "black banners reloaded." more…

March 27, 2018

Smart Development Strategy for the Maghreb

Structural Reform, A New Role for the State, Regional Integration

The Maghreb region stands at a strategic crossroad today. It can embark on a path of reform and prosperity by transforming its rich natural endowment and human capital into inclusive economic growth. Moreover, the region’s geo-strategic situation positions it at a key junction of global trade. In order to contribute to the existing efforts towards the utilization of these potentials for growth in the region, the study at hand thus aims to give concrete recommendations on structural reforms to stimulate potentials for economic growth and inclusive development. more…

March 26, 2018

European Union and North Africa

The Path to a New Relationship

The ongoing transitions in the countries of North Africa have challenged traditional European approaches to the region. EU policy makers have been attempting to deal with the changes and challenges that unfolded on the South Mediterranean. In recent years and in light of the failure of traditional policy tools, the focus has shifted towards seeking new approaches – hitting the ‘Refresh’ button became the new paradigm in debates on EU-North Africa relations. more…

Event Reports | March 23, 2018

Oil, Banks, and Governance

Economic Realities in a Divided Libya

Despite limited improvements, the Libyan economy still lingers well below its potential, obstructed by continuing violent conflict and political uncertainty. Inflation accelerated, the black market is thriving, and the future challenges for the Libyan economy range from the reconstruction of the country's infrastructure and a diversification of the sources of revenue to nurturing the private sector. more…

Event Reports | March 14, 2018