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North Africa and the EU: Partnership for Reform and Growth

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 3

Conference on economic cooperation and integration organized in cooperation with KAS Morocco and AHK more…

Event Reports | October 11, 2016

L’Union européenne et le Maghreb

Training for students and activists from the Maghreb, in cooperation with the European Academy Otzenhausen and the Asko Europa Foundation more…

Event Reports | October 6, 2016

Transformation Processes in the Maghreb and EU-Mediterranean Cooperation

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 2

The KAS Regional Programme in cooperation with the KAS Office Spain & Portugal and the Spanish think tank Real Instituto Elcano organized an international seminar on the issue of transformation processes in the Maghreb and the cooperation between Europe and the southern Mediterranean. The seminar aimed at analyzing the democratization and transformation processes in the Maghreb, focusing on Tunisia and the regional cooperation with the European Union, as well as discussing reforms for the future of the region. The publication is in German. more…

Event Reports | October 5, 2016

Partnership for Reform with North Africa

Economic integration as the first step towards a comprehensive EU-Africa cooperation

A reactivation and a rearrangement of the relations between Africa and the EU are eagerly required. In addition to an intensification of the political dialogue it is essential to strengthen a long-term economic resilience of the region first. In order to achieve the intended purpose a reform partnership with North Africa - which is, from the European point of view, the most important joint to Sub-Saharan Africa as to economic, migration and security policy matters - needs primarily to be striven for. more…

Christian E. Rieck, Gunter Rieck Moncayo, Olaf Wientzek | Facts & Findings | June 13, 2016

The Mediterranean Basin: Migration Strategies and Policies

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 1

KAS Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean has organized a dialogue workshop in Turkey from 27th to 30th May 2016 to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices for the management of migration flows and policies in the Mediterranean basin, to develop approaches and instruments for deepening the coordination and cooperation among experts and practitioners from Mediterranean and European countries. more…

Event Reports | June 6, 2016