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Russia in the Mediterranean: Strategies and Aspirations

Expert workshop on geopolitical shifts and Russia's strategic role and aspirations in the Mediterranean more…

Event Reports | October 10, 2017

Migration Reporting

Training of journalists from Libya, Mali and Niger on migration reporting in cooperation with the Libyan Cloud News Agency (LCNA) more…

Event Reports | September 4, 2017

Rendering Young People More Employable: The Role of the Private Sector

Expert roundtable on solutions to unemployment and lack of job generation in the Mediterranean region more…

Event Reports | August 22, 2017

Skills and Networking for Female Entrepreneurship

Training workshop in cooperation with TheNextWomenTunisie on management practices, business relationships, marketing, finance and human resources management for women entrepreneurs more…

Event Reports | August 21, 2017

EU Energy Supply and its Strategic Interests for Interregional Energy Cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean Rim

Mediterranean Dialogue Series 10

Offshore discoveries of hydrocarbons in the Levant in recent years are expected to considerably change regional dynamics and to influence global gas markets. The paper sheds light on how these developments influence the EU's energy security and import demand, the role Russia plays in this regard, and what implications these dynamics have on prospects for EU energy cooperation with the Eastern Mediterranean. more…

June 30, 2017