Strategic autonomy for the EU? How Europe can better care for its security

März 15 Donnerstag


15. März 2018, 14-15:30


The premises of the Stefan Batory Foundation, ul. Sapieżyńska 10a, Turowicz Room


Marcin Zaborowski (Visiting Fellow at ECFR); Claudia Major (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin); Olivier de France (Research Director at IRIS, Paris); Piotr Buras, the Director of the ECFR Warsaw Office



The discussion held on the occasion of the publication of an ECFR and KAS report by Marcin Zaborowski, 'Poland and European Defence integration'

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Donald Trump's ascent to presidency put into question the willingness of the U.S. to underwrite European security, just as crises in EU's neighbourhood underscored its reliance on American guarantees. Spending by member-states on defence is too small and their arms industries too fragmented for the EU to reach a necessary degree of strategic autonomy without substantial reform. Can PESCO - a new initiative on security and defence cooperation - strengthen EU's defence capabilities? Will the member states be forced to increase military spending, and if so, by how much? Is European strategic autonomy militarily possible and politically feasible?
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