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Unser Büro verfasst regelmäßig "policy briefings", die Themen von globalem Interesse und die Beziehungen zwischen Europa und Asien behandeln. Diese umfassen unter anderem internationale Sicherheitspolitik, globale Ordnungspolitik, unkonventionelle Sicherheitsrisiken und interparlamentarische Zusammenarbeit. Die "policy briefings" sind ausschließlich auf Englisch verfügbar.

Policy Paper No. 5 “Urban ASEAN”

Wie nutzt ASEAN die urbane Dimension für stärkere regionale Zusammenarbeit? In den ASEAN-Mitgliedsstaaten findet Urbanisierung in beeindruckenden Größenordnungen statt. Dieses Phänomen geht Hand in Hand mit einem starken Wirtschafts- und Bevölkerungswachstum, birgt jedoch gleichzeitig soziale, wirtschaftliche und ökologische Herausforderungen. Die ASEAN Gemeinschaft sucht wirtschaftlich stark, sozial, menschenzentriert und ökologisch nachhaltig zu sein. Der Beitrag argumentiert, dass diese Ziele eine wichtige urbane Dimension besitzen. Read more...

Policy Paper No. 4 “Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Asia and Europe”

In this policy briefing, Patrick Rueppel (Senior Program Manager for Foreign and Security Policy, Geopolitics) discusses recent developments concerning terrorism and violent extremism in Asia and Europe. Terrorist cells posed a severe threat to home security, even before the emergence of Daesh. However, as a consequence of Asian and European citizens joining Daesh, terrorists have been able to establish networks among fighters from both regions. It has thus become imperative that governments from Asia and Europe enhance their collaboration and coordination in all dimensions of counter-terrorism efforts. The policy paper gives recommendations for the way forward. Read more...

Policy Briefing No. 3 “2016 Status of Women Empowerment in Asia"

The global gender equality gap persists for many reasons and it primarily centers on i) the lack of funding, ii) data and iii) inclusion of women in the processes and institutions that matter for sustainable development. In this policy briefing, we address the political actors on why and how they may approach these three main areas of intervention when it comes to normalizing and campaigning for gender equality in political parties, policy and institutional processes as well as civic spaces. Read more...

Policy Briefing No. 2 “New Migrations and the Challenges of Integration in Europe, Australia and New Zealand"

Europe and Australasia are traditional receiving regions of migration and refugees. Countries in both continents have developed diverse policy measures to meet the challenges arising from this and integrate arriving people into their respective societies. Thus, an exchange between the two regions to learn from each other’s experiences can bring about new approaches to this phenomenon. This policy briefing provides a summary of an expert conference that addressed recent developments regarding refugees and temporary migrants, immediate actions to foster integration and long-term strategies. Read more...

Policy Briefing No. 1 “Fostering Europe-Asia Cooperation in Addressing Irregular Migration and Refugee Movements”

In this policy briefing, Patrick Rueppel (Program Manager for Foreign and Security Policy, Geopolitics) provides insights into the refugee as well as migration situation in both regions. Despite many similarities and direct linkages between Asia and Europe, collaboration on refugees and migration has been limited. Thus, it is necessary to foster an exchange between both sides to address these matters jointly. The policy briefing gives recommendations for the way forward. Read more...


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