Policy Panel "Cities as Agents of Migrants' Integration"

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia and the Pacific and the East Asian Institute organized a public policy panel on 12 July 2016 in Singapore on 'Cities as Agents of Migrants' Integration'. more…

"Regional integration does not come naturally"

A KAS.DE interview with Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy, Director of the Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia and the Pacific, about the reactions in Southeast Asia to the Brexit referendum, and the fragile security situation in the region. more…

New Policy Briefing Available!

In this policy briefing “Fostering Europe-Asia Cooperation in Addressing Irregular Migration and Refugee Movements”, Patrick Rueppel (Program Manager for Foreign and Security Policy, Geopolitics) provides insights into the refugee as well as migration situation in both regions and recommendations for the way forward. more…



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is one of the political foundations of the Federal Republic of Germany. With its international activities and projects, the KAS realizes a substantial contribution to international cooperation and understanding. It is named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer.



Aug. 14 - 16

Second Training Workshop for KASYP Batch 2016-2017

On Local Governance and Development

Sep. 5 - 9
Study and Information Program

Final Training Programme for KASYP 2015-2016

On Political Party Organisation and Local Politics in Germany

Sep. 15 - 16
Experts' Meeting

6th NATO-Asia/Pacific Dialogue

Oct. 31 - Nov. 1
Experts' Meeting

Asia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

Countering Daesh Extremism

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Policy briefing No. 3 "2016 Status of Women Empowerment in Asia"

Asian Women Parliamentarian Caucus (AWPC) Meeting Outcomes at the 4th International Women Deliver Conference

The global gender equality gap persists for many reasons and it primarily centers on i) the lack of funding, ii) data and iii) inclusion of women in the processes and institutions that matter for sustainable development. In this [...] more…

"Regional integration does not come naturally"

A KAS.DE interview with Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy about the reactions in Southeast Asia to the Brexit referendum

The result of the British EU referendum shook not only Europe; it also had notable impacts on the Asian financial markets. “Southeast Asia will draw its lessons from the European developments,” Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy says in [...] more…

Policy briefing No. 2 "New Migrations and the challenges of integration in Europe, Australia and New Zealand"

Europe and Australasia are traditional receiving regions of migration and refugees. Countries in both continents have developed diverse policy measures to meet the challenges arising from this and integrate arriving people into [...] more…

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