Asian Women Parliamanterian Conference 2014

Women, Policy and Political Leadership

October 16 Thursday


October 16 - 17, 2014




Amongst others: Prof. Andrea Fleschenberg, Quaid-i-Azam University in Pakistan. Ms Teresa Jimenez-Becerril Barrio, MEP. Dr. Dipu Moni, Foreign Minister Bangladesh. Ms Clair Deevy, Microsoft. Ms Harpreet Kaur, Bain & Company.



Jointly organised by KAS Singapore and the Singapore Committee for UN Women, the conference saw over 30 attendees from 18 different Asian countries getting together to discuss thematic policy issues on how to strengthen female leadership in Asia.

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Asia is one of the regions where women, policy and political leadership are topics that have yet to gain traction. Southeast Asian countries for instance have seen an increased number of women in political positions in recent years but women still continue to experience discrimination in the male-dominated world. Therefore a concerted regional effort to begin building bridges to promote best practices and shared experiences began with a regional meeting of female parliamentarians from all over Asia on the 16th and 17th of October 2014, in Singapore.

The main focus of the conference was on how to encourage female leadership in Asia and empower women in general to become more active in politics. The participants gained worthy insights into Asian as well as European politics from a female perspective and were able to meet and discuss with female leaders from around the globe. Ms Teresa Jimenez-Becerril Barrio, member of the European Parliament (MEP) since 2009 and member of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, delivered one of the keynote addresses, which covered experiences from Europe, specifically on how it has been possible to increase women’s participation in policy making and leadership; actual challenges for women in politics; and the role of regional solidarity structures such as the Committee on Gender and Equality within the European Parliament. The conference also included personal training workshops on behalf of experienced experts from the political but also the private corporate sector.

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks by Dr. Hofmeister, Director KAS Singapore

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