Asia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

The Decentralization of Daesh

May 17 Wednesday


May 17 - 18, 2017




Experts' Meeting

The International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research and KAS' Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia will organize the second ‘Asia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue’ on 17 and 18 May 2017 in Berlin.

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In light of the recent spread of Daesh-inspired and –directed terrorist activities in Europe as well as Asia, it is necessary to enhance international cooperation and dialogue among all stakeholders involved in countering terrorism and violent extremism. The Dialogue will analyze recent developments concerning the decentralization of Daesh and the implications of terrorism on counter-terrorism activities in Asia and Europe. Special attention will be given to counter violent extremism strategies involving the local communities and the de-radicalization as well as rehabilitation of terrorists.
Access to the event is by personal invitation only!

Asia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

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Patrick Rüppel

Senior Program Manager for Foreign and Security Policy, Geopolitics

Patrick Rüppel
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