50 Years of the ASEAN Journey – Achievements, Challenges and Prospects

May 30 Tuesday


May 30, 2017





As ASEAN marks its 50th anniversary, it is an opportune time to reflect on its achievements, the myriad of challenges it has overcome and the way forward. This panel discussion looked at ASEAN's role in the international system.

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ASEAN has been successful in maintaining peace, promoting regionalism and enhancing community building. In the context of increasing geopolitical uncertainties, ASEAN’s external relations and its unity are more crucial than ever. Within a volatile global environment, ASEAN must find new ways to contribute to regional order and maintain constructive partnerships with the external players in its immediate and distant neighborhood. Therefore, discussions on ASEAN’s role in multilateralism and its partnerships are as important as debates on internal reforms. In order to support this, we organized this panel discussion examining the prospects going forward and reviewed the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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