Digitalisation in Asia and Germany

February 25 Sunday


February 25 - March 3 2018


Berlin, Germany


Study and Information Program

How will the advancing digitalization in the coming decades influence our society, politics, work and security? It is hardly possible to answer this question locally or nationally.

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Rather, digitization is closely linked to the globalization process. The handling of state hacker attacks or the so-called hate speech in social networks - to name just two examples - must therefore also be discussed in the supraregional context. Looking towards Asia is especially relevant in this context. The mix of high-tech and high-growth countries such as Japan and South Korea, a "smart nation" like Singapore, and numerous dynamic developing countries but also the global downsides of digitalization such as cybercrime, surveillance and click farms play a key role in this context. At the same time, Asian countries are interested in Germany and are particularly interested in initiatives such as the German "Network Enforcement Act" or the strengthening of German cyber defense capabilities.

Thirteen experts from nine Asian nations will be exchanging views on digital development in the areas of society, economy and security with German counterparts in Berlin. A cross-cutting theme of the stay will be which digital developments will be expected in both regions and how they should be accompanied by appropriate policies.

This programme is part of a dialogue that will be continued in the coming years with selected stakeholders and different priorities both in Asia and in Europe.

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