Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP): Third Training Workshop for KASYP Batch 2017-2018

Leadership Training in Campaigning

March 26 Monday


March 26 - 30, 2018


Kathmandu, Nepal



In oder to further develop their skill set, the 8th KASYP batch will meet in Nepal for their third workshop, this time to receive "Leadership Training in Campaigning".

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The Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) is a regional programme for Asian political leaders aged 25-35 years old who have a keen interest in developing personal skills sets and knowledge capacities in order to better contribute to their democratic political parties and communities back home.

19 participants from 8 different Asian countries will meet in Kathmandu, Nepal from 26th to 30th March for a four-day seminar on "Leadership in Campaigning". Invited expert resource persons and practitioners will teach democratic theory and concepts in order to contribute to the ongoing professionalisation of political parties and consolidation of democratic political systems in the region. A highlight will certainly be the presentations, workshops, and roleplays under the guidance of the German guests and KASYP patrons Mark Hauptmann, MP and Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt, MP. With their substantial professional experience, they will teach participants political communication and campaign strategies.

KASPDA is looking forward to the workshop in Nepal and will provide a detailed event report soon after. For more information, please visit kasyp.net or find us on Facebook!

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