CyFy India

Conference on Technology, Security, and Society

October 3 Wednesday


October 3 - 5, 2018


Delhi, India



This year, we are partnering with Observer Research Foundation for the first time. During CyFy, the Indian Conference on Technology, Security, and Society, we are supporting a panel on "War by other means".

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This year's edition of CyFy will cover six areas: "Insecurable tech", "Unleashing the creative economy", "Algorithms and inclusion", "Property, privacy and data protection in the digital age", "Connected communities, fragile nations", and "ibusiness".

The KAS panel "War by other means" will take stock of cyber-enabled influence operations that have occurred in the 21st Century and examine the range of the responses available to nations to protect their sovereignty from cyber-interference while maintaining the openness of their national institutions. It will analyse whether the answer lies in softer, normative approaches or in the creation of an international treaty.

Contact person

Katharina Naumann

Programme Manager Digitalisation

Katharina Naumann
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