The Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation

Shaping a Common Future for Europe and Asia

This booklet concludes a three-year project co-funded by the European Union and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The “EU-Asia Dialogue” established a network of policymakers, academics and non-governmental actors; thus providing a platform for exchange and policy learning.

Through more than thirty conferences and dialogue fora, our "EU-Asia Dialogue" project laid the foundation for a comprehensive and constructive partnership between the regions. In addition to these discussions, seven publications and seventy studies and reports identified key areas for future cooperation and policy recommendations.

This booklet provides a European and Asian review of the latest ASEM Summit and a look at how this forum can evolve in the future to support this crucial partnership. It also includes Asian perspectives on the current biregional relations and issues of key interest to several Asian countries. These are short op-ed commentaries by Asian journalists from the leading Englishlanguage newspapers of their respective countries. The articles are the result of an exposure trip to European institutions in preparation for the ASEM Summit 2014 in Milan, Italy. The booklet closes with short analyses of the seven key challenges and ideas for future cooperation efforts between Asia and Europe.

We hope you will find the booklet interesting and appreciate the outlined opportunities for future Europe-Asia cooperation.


Patrick Rüppel


Singapore, February 27, 2015