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7th NATO-Asia/Pacific Dialogue underlines benefits of regular exchange

"In today's world partnership is a necessity, not a luxury", this statement made by The Honorable Rose E. Gottemoeller, Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at a roundtable discussion of the 7th NATO-Asia/Pacific Dialogue underlines the spirit of this year’s dialogue in Brussels. Over the course of two days, the high-ranking Asian delegation had bilateral briefings at the NATO Headquarters and engaged in a closed-door dialogue addressing questions of great power politics, projecting stability, cyber security, and NATO's perception in Asia-Pacific. more…

Patrick Rüppel | Event Reports | October 17, 2017

Final Workshop of the 7th Batch of the Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) in Germany

Modern Election Campaigning in Times of Populism

“Even in the digital age, door-to-door campaigning and local canvassing remain as important as ever – perhaps more than ever.” Those remarks by Connect 17 representatives, a CDU election campaign project, were among the most important take-aways for the 7th batch of the Konrad-Adenauer-School of Politicians (KASYP) during their final workshop in Germany, bringing home the still important personal engagement and localism of national politics. more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | Event Reports | October 5, 2017

ASEAN Roundtable 2017

“ASEAN at 50: Charting the Future Together”

On October 2, KAS Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia’s long term partner, the ASEAN Studies Centre of ISEAS Yusof-Ishak Institute in Singapore, hosted this year’s ASEAN Roundtable. In the year 2017, the event was of course all about the ASEAN jubilee. more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | Event Reports | October 2, 2017

Urban ASEAN?

By Maria Elisabeth Höwer

“The 21st century will be urban”: since 2009 the biggest part of the world’s population concentrates in urban areas. Southeast Asia has seen significant urbanisation within the last decades, a process which took place parallelly to rapid economic development and population growth. At the same time, these developments pose important social, economic and environ-mental challenges. The ASEAN community strives to be people-centred, economically strong, inclusive, connected and environmentally sustainable. This paper argues that these ASEAN goals have an important urban dimension. more…

September 29, 2017

ASEAN at 50 - A Look at its External Relations

Panorama - Insights into Asian and European Affairs

As ASEAN marks its 50th anniversary, we have dedicated this issue of our journal Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs to analyse ASEAN’s relations with several of its dialogue partners in the ever changing global landscape. In view of its external relations, the articles also reflect on ASEAN’s achievements in the last five decades, challenges it has overcome, and the prospects ahead. more…

September 12, 2017