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Second Training Workshop for KASYP Batch 2017-2018

On Local Governance and Development

To think about sustainable development and good governance, it is paramount to highlight the initiatives of local institutions and politics. This was why the 8th KASYP Batch met in Penang from 23rd to 26th August to discuss further. more…

Event Reports | September 8, 2017

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Young Political Leaders Caucus (KASYP-LC) Experts' Meeting

For Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) | #KASYP4SDGs

Committed to discussing good governance practices within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Young Political Leaders Caucus (KASYP-LC) met from 4-5 August in Bangkok to discuss roadmap moving forward. more…

Event Reports | August 14, 2017


Celebrating five decades of regional stability

In 1984, then French President Mitterrand and German Chancellor Kohl held hands on the World War I battlefields of Verdun. This great symbol of reconciliation and benevolence between two former adversaries highlighted a new found European friendship; a new peaceful European order, which culminated in the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for the common project, the European Union (EU). The European integration process is without a doubt one of the great achievements of the 20th century; but it is not the only one. more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | Country Reports | August 4, 2017

Singapore’s View on the G20 Summit 2017

Despite not being a member of the G20, the Republic of Singapore participated in the 22nd G20 Summit in Hamburg / Germany. As the Chair of the Global Governance Group (3G), the city-state represented the interests of small and medium-sized countries who play an equally important role in the international economic system. It was Singapore’s 7th participation in a G20 Summit. The country wants to advance the G20 agenda and promote stronger engagement between the G20 and the wider United Nations system. more…

Patrick Rüppel | July 14, 2017

Letters of condolences on behalf of the Singaporean Government on the passing of Helmut Kohl

The current and the former Prime Minister of Singapore express their heartfelt condolences regarding the passing of Helmut Kohl. more…

Dr. Frederick Kliem | June 20, 2017