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Eco Cities

Sharing European and Asian Best Practices and Experiences

To facilitate the move from “theory to practice”, the purpose of this book is to share the experiences and expertise of both Europe and Asia in building eco-cities. more…

Patrick Rüppel | March 6, 2014

Food Security

The Role of Asia and Europe in Production, Trade and Regionalism

In order to contribute to the understanding of current challenges and implemented solutions, this publication includes papers with perspectives from Europe and Asia. What are the food policies as well as present challenges in the countries? What can they learn from each other? How do they try to ensure a stable food supply? What impacts do trade, regional initiatives and technology transfer have on food security? These and other questions will be addressed by this publication. more…

Patrick Rüppel | February 15, 2014

Climate Change Diplomacy

The Way Forward for Asia and Europe

Although the problematic consequences of climate change are undeniable, international negotiations are characterized by strategies which are still primarily driven by national interests. How can this attitude be changed? How can agreements and commitments be achieved in international negotiations? While much research has been done on the causes and impacts of climate change, there is a lack of discussion on the way that international climate change diplomacy has been carried out. This gap shall be addressed in our publication. more…

Patrick Rüppel | February 13, 2014

Migration and Integration

Common Challenges and Responses from Europe and Asia

Both Asia and Europe are facing common problems in terms of demographic change, the need to rebound from the economic crises and worries about their attractiveness in light of projected needs for legal migration. Some in Europe are even expressing concerns that the EU is losing ground in the “global war for talent”. This makes legal migration both a battleground for the best and brightest, but also an opportunity to go beyond continental solutions to migration and foster genuine cooperation so that both continents can reap the rewards. more…

Patrick Rüppel | January 15, 2014

Maritime Security and Piracy

The Common Challanges and Responses from Europe and Asia

Over the past decade, security of the oceans has evolved into one of the key challenges to international security in Asia. While some of the threats to maritime security are not present in Europe geographically and are not as severe as they are in Asia, security of the oceans is of utmost concern to the European Union and the countries in the region. more…

Patrick Rüppel | January 2, 2014